Learn to craft Digital experiences visually

Without Code or any Technical expertise

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For example: #NoCode?

With code
  • Save Money
  • You are a skilled Professional
  • Building complex & stable products is a priority
  • Expensive to dump & rebuild ideas
  • A steep learning curve to get started
  • Powerful for individuals with a technical background/skillset

L: Brackets  |  R: Glide

Without code
  • Save time, launch faster
  • You are a Maker & you just want to ship ideas
  • Building viable products is a priority
  • Affordable to validate ideas
  • Less friction to get started
  • Powerful enough for any committed individuals

Why Kreator School?

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Choice-based Tutorials

Flow of the tutorial – tools and processes will be based on the choices you make.

Not just Nocode

Learn to create anything digital using tools that are made for non-professionals and non-technical users.

Always updated

We are building upon the choices and interactions to each every tutorial constantly. We research and evaluate all the choices out there and suggest one that works the best for you so you can save time and focus on creating.

Pro Maker?

Learn, explore and build innovative and complex project ideas without a single line of code

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Apps, Websites & Widgets


Branding, Posters, Storytelling


Animated or Visual FX

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Create a public/private ToDo list app for Web or App Store with an optional feature to let users attach priority to each task

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Create a Social Network
Create a 3D Hypercasual game
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